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From February 23 to May 13, 2023

Def: act of seeing or observing in one's own way an action, a fact, or a subject.

 The principle of the human brain is to process each information and deduce an explanation. 

 But do we all treat the data we perceive in the same way? 

 For this exhibition we have called on 3 artists, whose work can be read and accepted in several ways. 

Perception therefore requires the viewer to seek the meaning of the work . 

 Raf Reyes establishes in us the ambivalence hidden behind beauty, history or recognition. 

 Pauline d'Andigné works from familiar and comforting forms by inserting an ambiguity ranging from the attractive to the repulsive, from the identifiable to the unknown. 

 cObo through his art reflect the depths of his soul and his deep being. Between hope and despair...

  Painting, sculpture, digital art, and photography will come together for 3 months from February 23, 2023.

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